Intensive Program

Two-Week Intensive Daily Speech Therapy

First offered in the metropolitan Washington DC area, in 1990, this program consists of individual sessions at a scheduled time (similar to most other speech-language therapy). What is unique about this program is that the therapy is four to five days per week for two weeks, contrary to the usual way in which speech therapy is typically scheduled (once or twice per week). Sessions are 30-45 minutes in length.   It is an ideal method of treatment for clients with complex articulation/oral motor/motor speech planning disorders. These are the types of clients I specialize in treating.

Because sessions are daily, progress is faster, with no backtracking. Children like it because they know what to expect, they see and feel the progress, and therapy is short-term. This approach serves to "jump start" therapy, or to help a child break out of a plateau in progress.  Remarkably, an occasional child has  been able to completely correct a problem within the two weeks!  Children already in therapy with another speech-language pathologist (SLP) can benefit from two weeks of intensive work, and can then resume therapy with their regular SLP.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of problems are appropriate for this program?

Articulation disorders; apraxia/dyspraxia; dysarthria;  "lisp";  "distortion of 'r' sound", with or without "oral motor" difficulties.      This program is ideal for  children ages 5 to 15 years who have a difficulty or disorder of speech; it will not address difficulties in the area of language or reading.

Where/When is this program offered?

Previously offered in Bethesda, Maryland and Beaufort, South Carolina, it is now feasible to do this via videoconferencing, in some cases.

What is the fee, and will insurance cover  this?   

Fee varies according to number of sessions planned and length of session. Some  insurers may cover services in full or in part.    The client pays for the services directly, and then may seek reimbursement from the insurer.

What is Included in the fee

Eight to ten individual therapy sessions, usually 30 minutes each, for a period of two weeks.     Program includes written practice material, parent observation/participation, and a detailed report at end of program.   That report details specific, successful therapy approaches which can be used by another SLP,  should more therapy  be  needed  beyond  two weeks.

Is there any difficulty with "switching " to a different therapist  for two weeks?  Will you talk with my child's current SLP after the two weeks?

Of course.  The goal is to work to achieve  progress. Most SLPs welcome collaboration with another SLP.