Speech Therapy  via  Teleconferencing  (currently, Skype ™)

Technology , and knowledge of how to best use it, has advanced to the point that speech therapy can sometimes be conducted via videoconferencing .    This is most appropriate for children age 6 and up, or adults, who do not require ‘hands-on’ adjustments or cueing.   Younger children  may work  successfully  if a parent is sitting with them throughout the session.   In some  cases, the client will have been evaluated by a speech-language pathologist, and   the speech error(s) identified; in other cases, the first appointment will serve as an evaluation/assessment. 

Technical requirements:

  • Computer  processor of 1 GHz minimum , 2 GHz preferred. 
  • Broadband Internet with  minimum of 256 kbps upload (DSL or cable); 512 kbps preferred.  Link to www.Skype.com  for their  specific recommendations
  • Webcam
  • Good quality speakers *
  • Good quality microphone or an auxiliary microphone*
  • Quiet  room, with little background noise,
  • SKYPE™ installed on your computer (currently , a free download)

(*for an adult or older child who is going to be working  totally on his own, a headset with microphone and speaker combined, will work easily.  If a parent will be participating with the child, speakers and a microphone which picks up both voices, is easier to use).

Additional needs:
3 ring binder for practice pages (which will be sent via email), and a record of home practice sessions; Also usually needed:  a  therapy kit of small items, such as games, colored markers, etc..      

How to Arrange for speech therapy via SKYPE : 
Email or call  843-521-0847 during normal business hours.    If the age and therapy needs seem compatible with using distance technology,  a brief trial session via  SKYPE™ , will be arranged  to determine  if this might be workable.    This will be at no charge for this initial appointment.

Following  that trial session  , appointments may be scheduled  .  Payment, either by check or by Pay Pal, is  required     in  advance of  sessions.        


*Note: All intellectual property rights of Skype (including but not limited to trademarks, copyrights and patents)of all products or services from Skype, are the exclusive ownership of Skype or its licensors.